8.2 Opening Fonts

The following paragraphs discuss the CLX functions for opening and closing fonts.

open-font display name Function
A display object.
A font name string.

Opens the font with the given name and returns a font object. The name string should contain only ISO Latin-1 characters; case is not significant.

Type font.

close-font font Function
A font object.

Deletes the association between the resource ID and the font. The font is freed when no other server resource references it. The font can be unloaded by the X server if this is the last reference to the font by any client. In any case, the font should never again be referenced because its resource ID is destroyed. This might not generate a protocol request if the font is reference-counted locally or if it is a pseudo-font.

discard-font-info fonts Function
A font object.

Discards any state that can be re-obtained with open-font. This is simply a performance hint for memory-limited systems.