CLX Manual



Moved to new domain.


There now is a tar ball of the cgi script version.


A few changes:


This is a new version of the CLX Manual and no longer considered a preliminary version. The most notatable change from the 1997 version is the inclusion of a cgi script which allows you to search the index. It also accepts partial inputs in which case it presents you a list of matches.

Offline Reading

This manual is also available as a tar ball for offline reading. It includes a java applet which also allows you to search the index. However the cgi script is the better solution and also is more feature rich so please abstain from using this tar ball for mirroring.

Technical Issues

The HTML pages are generated from an SGML document which can be considered the actual source of the manual. This SGML document was gained from the original Postscript version of the manual by using a throw-away tool.

Since the HTML files are not the actual source it is not wise to make modifications to them. If you want to do modifications or corrections please do so to the "original" SGML sources.

If you want to generate you own version of this manual feel free to grab the source tar ball which includes both the SGML source and the conversion tool.


When you want to mirror the manual please use the CGI-scripted version. And please give me a notice so that I can inform you about future changes or bug fixes.

A ready made CGI-scripted version is here: clxman-online-2003-03-08.tar.gz.

When using apache, you might need to add the following to .htaccess in the directory where you unpack the manual into:

AddHandler cgi-script ".cgi"
Options +ExecCGI

Copyright ...

The manuals contents belong to Texas Instruments. Refer to the copyright notice for details. I only did the conversion to SGML and HTML.

Thank you for listening, Gilbert.