A pixmap can be replicated in two dimensions to tile a region. The pixmap itself is also known as a tile.
A CLUE object that provides support for animation and other types of time-sensitive user interfaces. A timer causes :timer events to be dispatched to a specific contact for processing.
A time value, expressed in milliseconds, typically since the last server reset. Timestamp values wrap around (after about 49.7 days). The server, given its current time is represented by timestamp T, always interprets timestamps from clients by treating half of the timestamp space as being earlier in time than T and half of the timestamp space as being later in time than T. One timestamp value (named CurrentTime) is never generated by the server; this value is reserved for use in requests to represent the current server time.
top-level contact
A contact whose parent is a root. A top-level contact is usually a composite at the top of a hierarchy of other contacts created by an application program.
A subclass of shell that is used to communicate with a session manager.
A subclass of shell that provides full window manager interaction.
A subclass of shell that a window manager typically will unmap when its owner becomes unmapped or iconified and will not allow to be individually iconified.
true color
A degenerate case of direct color in which the subfields in the pixel value directly encode the corresponding RGB values. That is, the colormap has predefined read-only RGB values. The values are typically (near-)linear increasing ramps.
An arbitrary atom used to identify the interpretation of property data. Types are completely uninterpreted by the server; they are solely for the benefit of clients.