geometry management
The process whereby a composite controls the geometrical properties of its child contacts; the composite is referred to as the geometry manager.
An image, typically of a character, in a font.
Keyboard keys, the keyboard, pointer buttons, the pointer, and the server can be grabbed for exclusive use by a client. In general, these facilities are not intended to be used by normal applications but are intended for various input and window managers to implement various styles of user interfaces.
Shorthand for graphics context.
graphics context
Various information for graphics output is stored in a graphics context (or gcontext), such as foreground pixel, background pixel, line width, clipping region, and so forth. A graphics context can only be used with drawables that have the same root and the same depth as the graphics context.
gray scale
A degenerate case of pseudo color, in which the red, green, and blue values in any given colormap entry are equal, thus producing shades of gray. The gray values can be changed dynamically.