2.2 Opening the Display

The open-display function is used to open a connection to an X server.

open-display host &key :display :protocol Function
Specifies the name of the host machine on which the server executes. A string must be acceptable as a host, but otherwise the possible types are not constrained and will likely be very system dependent.
An integer that specifies which display device on the host should be used for this connection. This is needed since multiple displays can be controlled by a single X server. The default is display 0 (zero).
A keyword argument that specifies which network protocol should be used for connecting to the server (for example, :tcp, :dna, or :chaos). The set of possible values and the default value are implementation specific.

Returns a display that serves as the connection to the X server and contains all the information about that X server.

Authorization, if any, is assumed to come from the environment. After a successful call to open-display, all screens on the display can be used by the client application.

Type display.